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  • Will my ornament be the exactly one in the picture?
    No. Though there is standardization in the production process, due to the nature of being hand made and comprised of dichroic glass, slight variations will occur.
  • Why does my jewelry look like a different color than the website?
    The majority of our jewelry is crafted using dichroic glass. Dichroic glass transmits and reflects two or more different colors. Depending on the color behind the piece, the color will vary.
  • What is Dichroic glass?
    Dichroic glass is glass which displays two different colors by undergoing a color change in certain lighting conditions. Dichroic material is a modern composite non-translucent glass that is produced by stacking layers of glass and micro-layers of metals or oxides which give the glass shifting colors depending on the angle of view, causing an array of colors to be displayed as an example of thin-film optics. The resulting glass is used for decorative purposes such as stained glass, jewelry and other forms of glass art. The commercial title of "dichroic" can also display three or more colors (trichroic or pleochroic) and even iridescence in some cases. The term dichroic is used more precisely when labelling interference filters for laboratory use.
  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    Our workshop is based in Eagle River, Alaska, which leads to higher costs at the post office. The saftey of your product is paramount to us, so we take the highest precautions to ensure that your new art piece makes it to its new home safe and sound.
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